Worried about the impact tinnitus or hearing loss has on your life?


You’re not alone.

Developing tinnitus or hearing loss can have a huge impact on your life. I know that – I’ve lived with both for many years.


Even mild tinnitus or hearing loss can make a difference to how well we work, sleep, interact with others and enjoy life. And significant tinnitus or hearing loss can leave us stressed, depressed, frustrated, anxious and isolated.


I haven’t got a magic wand to wave away your tinnitus or hearing loss. But what I can do is help you live the best life you can with it.


Whether your tinnitus or hearing loss is affecting your confidence, your sleep, your performance at work or your relationships with others, my coaching programme will help rebuild your life through practical solutions and emotional support.

Book your coaching today or schedule a FREE 30 minute video chat to see if coaching is for you.

About Lisa

In 2005 I lost the hearing in my right ear overnight. There in the evening, gone the next morning...

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