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In 2005 I lost the hearing in my right ear overnight. All that was left behind was tinnitus that sounded like running water, morse code and squelching mud all rolled into one! My hearing has never returned and my tinnitus has never gone away.

Like many people who experience hearing loss or tinnitus I spent a lot of time consulting Google, desperate for news of any treatment or potential cure. My mind see-sawed between dwelling in the past when I didn't have hearing loss and tinnitus, and living in an imagined future when my hearing would be magically restored and my tinnitus banished for ever.

The result was I stopped enjoying the here and now. And that is no way to live. Thankfully I learnt mindfulness. Practising it regularly has changed my world from an existence that revolved around my hearing loss and tinnitus to a enjoyably full life of where my sound challenges are just one part. so much so that I have trained to become a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.


I set up The Hearing Coach to use my years of experience of tinnitus and hearing loss to help others who find themselves in this new and often-times distressing world.

If you'd like some support to live the best life you can with tinnitus or hearing loss book your FREE, no-obligation video chat to see if the help I can provide is right for you.

I look forward to speaking with you.




“Sorry I got emotional! The Roger pen is going to make such a difference to me, and is already. I used it in a meeting yesterday and it was brilliant and I’ve had several conversations on the phone that were so much easier than they would have been... Thanks once again. You're a very caring person”

“Lisa Caldwell was really nice, she was patient and understanding and really took her time to ensure that I understood all the features of my equipment so I get maximum benefit.


The fact that Lisa was also able to contribute additional advice due to a mutual hearing problem I really feel rest assured and confident in the advice she was giving me, I was also able to obtain tips and information on suitable gadgets for my condition which was an added bonus.


Lisa’s training was through and in depth and great care was shown in demonstrations as well as reassurance that she was only a phone call /email away if I needed her”

“The service provided has been excellent. The training was done on site and focused to my own needs. The Roger Pen has made a huge difference to my ability to do my job well. I had not realised how much of a problem I was having until this product made things so much easier. Phone calls are no longer a major problem with the telephone adapter and hearing people on a busy ward is so much easier now.”

“Lisa was amazing, learned so much from her”

"Lisa the trainer was excellent and explained everything very well… it was a bonus to have a trainer who has experience of using the equipment themselves"

“It was nice to talk to someone that understood and made me feel normal”

“Lisa’s training has left me able to think creatively about different situations”

At the hearing coach we take client confidentiality seriously and as such all published testimonies will remain anonymous to respect our clients' privacy.

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