May 1, 2018

You might have noticed that I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front.

That’s because something happened that I’ve been a bit reluctant to talk about.

Before you start worrying, it’s not a bad thing…far from it. But I wanted to be sure that I definitely had some good n...

March 23, 2018

I've been practising mindfulness now for 4 years. But there's nothing like a crisis for you to find out how well your practise stands up! So, when I recently lost all my hearing my mindfulness was truly put to the test...

  1. When I teach mindfulness one of the first ex...

March 12, 2018

Most people reading my recent blog about waking up completely deaf have had the same reaction "that must have been so frightening!" And it was. I was in ugly-crying, full-scale panic mode for the first three days while I pushed through one emergency health appointment...

March 1, 2018

Kids can be tricky. They often think they know better than us. Especially those tweens and teens. Like we were never their age. "You've got to let me make my own mistakes, Mum". They can't imagine even being 20, never mind as ancient as us. 

So how on earth can we help...

February 23, 2018

This week's post is unashamedly all about me and about my experience this week. But it's a blog I'd really like you to share far and wide. Because what happened to me can happen to anyone. And the more people know how to get the help they need, the better their chances...

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In 2005 I lost the hearing in my right ear overnight. There in the evening, gone the next morning...

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