1-2-1 Coaching

Do these sound familiar?

  • You’ve stopped some of your hobbies because of tinnitus

  • You don't go out because you struggle with the noise

  • You’re hiding your struggle to concentrate from your colleagues at work

  • You worry your boss thinks you can’t do your job properly

  • You're irritable with your family or friends

  • You’re so frustrated – does no-one understand how horrible tinnitus is?!

  • Your tinnitus has drained the joy from your life


For many people my coaching is the only opportunity they have to talk openly and honestly about how hearing loss is affecting them. No matter how close we are to friends and family we often end up putting on a mask to them, and suppressing how distressed or frustrated we feel.


Coaching sessions are the ideal forum to discuss your concerns, your frustrations and your fears, as well as the kind of future life you want. Using a balance of support and challenge I provide effective and compassionate coaching to help you respond creatively to the challenges you’re facing and build a future worth looking forward to.


Any behavioural change takes time and repetition to perfect. That’s why most of my clients sign up for a coaching program of 1-3 months. They leave confident that they can sustain the improvements in their quality of life they have worked so hard to achieve.

I offer online coaching from the privacy and comfort of your home via Zoom – easy-to-use online software. If you'd like to explore this further, please contact me or book a free 30 minute chat.

Coaching Services

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