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New Year, new ears!

Happy New Year! For many of us January signals renewed efforts to improve our health. Some people kick alcohol for a month with dry January, others hit the gym, and yet more decide to overhaul what they’re eating.

It’s no different with our ears. The new year is a great opportunity to review our hearing habits and revamp them if needed.

Here’s a super-easy guide to looking after your ears for the year:

  1. Check your tubes! How long is it since you got your tubes changed? If you’ve got tubes that lead to a mould in your ear (rather than a dome) give them a squeeze. If they aren’t easy to squish, especially around the entry to your mould or the top of your hearing aid, it’s time to get them re-tubed. You can get the tubes changed by your repairs clinic, or even do it yourself.

  2. Get an ear MOT. If you’ve noticed that the sound you hear is a bit muffled, or you know you tend to get a lot of wax, book an appointment with your GP to get it sorted. It’s one of things we put off when life is busy, but it does make a big difference!

  3. Ditch the cotton buds. This is easier said than done and I really have to fight the temptation to use them, especially when I’ve just had a shower and want my ears to dry so I can put my hearing aid in. But cotton buds can impact the wax you’re trying to excavate and even damage your ear drum. In most cases the ear canal does not need to be cleaned. During showers enough water enters the ear canal to loosen any wax that’s there.

  4. Get a hearing workout. Many of us lipread people in situations where we’re struggling to hear. And like any skill it benefits from practice. A great way to improve your lipreading skills is to watch the BBC news without sound and captions. The lip shapes on news readers tend to be very clear, and the pictures behind them give you context for what’s being said.

  5. Keep them clean! If you use moulds wash them regularly (detached from your hearing aid!). I do mine overnight and pop it into a drying pot

  6. Stock up on batteries. keep batteries in your home, your handbag or rucksack, your office drawer or locker, anywhere you’d hate to be when you hear the bong of doom telling you the power’s going.

  7. Plug em! If you’re going to a place where the noise is too loud wear a pair of earplugs and protect yourself. Find out why at www.plugem.co.uk

Have you got any more tips you want to share? Let me know!

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