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How to hear at your healthcare appointments

Did you know you can keep your hearing aids on during an operation? I didn’t until I went into hospital last year. It was the first time I had been admitted since I have needed a hearing aid for my ‘good’ ear.

I was really worried about how I would hear in the anaesthetic room, and also after the operation in the recovery suite. My hearing is poor enough that I struggle to hear without my aid and I was worried I’d miss some really important information.

So, to help reassure myself I decided to take my Phonak Roger Pen to hospital with me. Thanks to it, I could hear the team talking as they beetled about hooking me up to various monitors and putting in the needle (not my favourite part!).

Once I was out for the count they passed the Roger Pen to the recovery team, and the next thing I knew a lovely recovery nurse was talking into the Pen to wake me up. It made such a difference.

Since then I’ve taken my Roger Pen to my dentist so I can hear her even when she’s wearing her face mask and standing behind me. I’ve used it with my GP, and I’ve even given it to my osteopath to wear so it doesn’t matter if he’s working on my back, I can still hear him.

So, if you have an assistive device or personal listener it’s worth taking it with you to your health appointments to help hear what’s going on. You don’t want to miss important information because you’re struggling to lipread.

Not all health professionals are clued up about hearing loss. We’ve all been to appointments where they shout your name and then act surprised that you’ve not heard them (yes, even in audiology departments!).

While in a perfect world we’d love for everyone in healthcare to be clued up on deafness, we need to help them to help us. That’s why I have created a FREE guide that you can print off and take with you to your healthcare appointments. You can show it to whoever you’re seeing, and also ask for a copy to be placed on your file.

Let me know if you find it useful.

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