Lipspeaking support from your sofa!

My good friends at the Association of Lipspeakers have let me know about this fantastic new service they are offering alongside Involve Interpreter

As someone who has hearing loss, as well as tinnitus so severe it can cause challenges hearing people, I rely on lip reading to make sense of what people are saying.

I've used language professionals from the ALS in the past and can heartily recommend their standards and professionalism. But they've always had to come to the meetings with me, which involves travel costs - sometimes from quite a distance as these expert communicators are in great demand.

Now, with perfect timing for the working-from-home revolution that Covid-19 has brought, the ALS and Involve partnership are providing lipspeaking video services across the UK. This is no quick fix, created in a hurry to jump on the Zoom bandwagon. There's been 6 months of hard work, testing and feedback to make sure the service they are providing is first class.

All the lipspeakers and language professionals are qualified, and registered with NRCPD and the ALS, ensuring that only the most experienced language professionals are used.

Beverley Roberts who is Chair for the ALS says: 

“This is a significant breakthrough for the ALS, the Lipspeaking profession and for the millions of deaf people who rely on lipreading and alternative communication services in the UK. We are delighted to be partnered with Involve Interpreter who have helped make professional Lipspeaking services more accessible than ever before”

I certainly agree. If you'd like to find out more about lipspeakers or this new video service please email quoting "The Hearing Coach"

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